Immediately after Pastor and First Lady McKay completed their ministerial training with the Church of God, Pastor McKay received his first pastoral assignment- Power House Church of God in Bartow, Florida. It was there that God tested Pastor and First Lady McKay’s faithfulness and obedience.

Pastor McKay served God faithfully for seven years in Bartow. At the end of seven years, Pastor McKay realized that his work in Bartow was finished. After much prayer and fasting, the McKays were led to establish a church in the Riverview area.

The Holy Spirit placed in the McKays’ heart that the church they established had to be a true reflection of God’s Word and its member’s true followers of Jesus. In February 2004, the Holy Spirit gave the McKays the church’s name- Disciples of Christ Christian Fellowship (DOCCF) and its vision, “Making Disciples to Make a Difference.” On March 7 2004, Disciples of Christ Christian Fellowship held its first service.

In March of 2007, God gave DOCCF a logo fitting for the church. The logo depicts disciples being added to the Body of Christ and standing on the Word of God. The crucifix symbolizes the price that was paid for the remission of sins and the sun rising represents the Son of God rising from the dead.

Today, God continues to add to the church. DOCCF is a Word-based, Holy Spirit lead church; with a focus on evangelism and the vision, “Making Disciples to Make a Difference.”


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